8 Everyday Habits That Can Damage Our Health

8 Everyday Habits That Can Damage Our Health

There are many rules for the norms of a healthy lifestyle, which have long been commonplace truths. This can cause serious damage to your health.

1. Fat-Free foods. Fat is bad because it is inevitably associated with being overweight. This is a misconception, because our organizers need monounsaturated fats for proper functioning. Do not forget about your diet: do not forget about foods rich in healthy fats: avocados, cheese, nuts and red fish.

2. Sunscreen. No, you do not need to tan to a crispy golden crust. Our body needs protection from the sun. It was as bad damage as sunburn. SPF is included in octinoxate – a dangerous substance for the human body. Read carefully the composition of the cream before buying or choose another, more benign remedy.

3.Clean ears. No, the rules of personal hygiene. In the human body, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and sulfur accumulates in the ear canals for a reason. It uses a natural barrier that protects you from dirt, dust and water. To avoid damaging the ear canal with a cotton swab.

4. Gluten-free. Refusing gluten for a slim figure? Studies conducted in 2015 showed that the rejection of products with gluten does not affect weight loss. Do not give up gluten only if you do not have celiac disease and your body does not absorb it.

5. Sweeteners. There is no absolutely safe alternative to sugar. The products with “0 calories” or “sugar-free” flaw on their labels include various sugar substitutes that increase the risk of diseases of obesity, diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

6. Without carbohydrates. The only carbohydrates that can and should even be discarded are light, “empty” carbohydrates. In another case, carbohydrates are vital for our body, because they provide energy production. Include vegetables, legumes and whole grains in your diet.

7. Stay at the weekend.  If you do not get enough sleep during the week, you will not be able to catch up even if you fall all the weekend under a blanket. Fatigue does not remove it, but such a sharp fluctuation can seriously disrupt the biorhythms of your body. This does not mean that you need to get up at six in the morning, to lie for a couple of hours longer – it is quite acceptable.

8. Sport every day. Sport is very good for health and for the healthy development of the body a person needs movement and physical activity. In this case, daily full-fledged workouts may be completely useless, the body needs rest. The optimal frequency of intensive classes is three times a week.

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