To Drink Or Not To Drink: How Much Water Should You Drink?

Why do you need to drink water?

Clean water, not just tea or juice, is necessary for the body, it is our main metabolite. But how much water to drink a day is purely individual.

Some people believe that drinking less than 2 liters of clean water a day is harmful to health. While others, on the contrary, can not be forced to drink a glass of water.

So, how much water do you need to drink on a day? When it is important to review the drinking regime? What will happen if you do not drink the same notorious 2 liters?

Why do you need to drink water?

Water is the main metabolite of the body, an important component of metabolism occurring in the human body. The question of how much water a person needs per day is considered constantly. And the data are quite contradictory: some say that drinking a lot is good for the human body; others – against it.

In general, excessive control of the amount of water consumed is not useful. After all, the balance of fluid intake and excretion from the body in a healthy person is regulating itself.

Does the amount of water drunk affect the quality of its absorption?

If there is excess fluid, it is excreted by the kidneys and bladder. Of course, if these organs are working properly and the person is generally completely healthy.

You can often hear that excessive (or insufficient) water consumption, which does not correspond to the climate where a person lives or his physical activity, can cause problems. Of course, there are always nuances, so the drinking regime should meet the individual characteristics of the person, his needs, and the pace of life.

So how much water to drink a day and do you need to add lemon?

If you want to drink, then just drink, the body may be enough just a couple of sips. If you feel it’s not enough – drink more. Take a few sips again when the feeling of thirst returns.

You need to drink often and in small sips, listening to what your body says. If you want to drink water with lemon – drink, many people do it because lemon allegedly improves metabolism, helps to lose weight.

But in weight loss, the main thing is not the amount of water drunk and supplements to it, but the correction of the energy consumed. Therefore, if there are no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then add lemon.

The main thing is not to self-medicate, so as not to harm. If you have a doubt, always ask a specialist.

Of course, under certain conditions – training, diets, in the heat we want to drink more and that’s normal. It is important to listen to your feelings.

How to develop your own drinking regime?

If the correctness of your drinking regime is in doubt, then start with a trip to the family doctor. Look at the athletes, they pass a lot of tests and examinations before training, adjust the plan of sports activities, nutrition, and drinking regime including. This is a good example to follow.

But in some cases, doctors still advise drinking more water?

So, as already mentioned, in some conditions, such as professional sports, the body needs more water. You should also review your drinking habits and drink more pure water if:

  • you are in a dry, extreme climate to which you are not accustomed (on a trip or vacation);
  • if you have a dry mouth, lips, eyes;
  • you feel fatigued or dizzy;
  • if there is diarrhea or vomiting.

Also remember that any changes in urination, signs of intoxication (vomiting, diarrhea), and so on – this is a serious reason to seek medical attention.

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