What sleeping poses will save you from 10 common ailments

From what problems with health can correct the correct pose for sleep.

What sleeping poses will save you from 10 common ailments

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Back pain

To reduce back pain, the spine should be in a natural position. For this, you need to sleep on your back or on your side. Place a pillow under your knees or between your knees. This will relieve you of tension in the lower back.

Pain in the neck

To get rid of the pain in the neck will help a well-chosen pillow. If necessary, take a few pieces. The head should not hang or be too high.

Pain in the shoulder

You can cope with this problem if you sleep on the other shoulder, on your back or stomach. However, it is likely that overnight you will roll over on a sore shoulder. You can also pick up another mattress. It should not be too hard or too soft.

Pain in the shoulder

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Pain in the hip

To disappear pains in the thigh, sleep on the back. In this position, the spine will straighten and the load on the hips will decrease.

Pain in the knee

The cause of this problem may be that the legs touch each other during sleep. Therefore, put a pillow or a folded veil between them.


To stop snoring, you need to roll over on the other side. Place two or three small pillows under your head. So you clean the nasal airways.

Syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea

It is a disease in which respiratory arrest occurs for more than 10 seconds. To begin with, consult a specialist and find out the cause of apnea. It is possible that when you lie on your back, the tongue sinks back, forming an obstacle. The cause may also be snoring. Therefore, do not sleep on your back, so as not to block the air way.


Acne can occur almost at any age: from the period of newborn to old age. Bed linen, especially pillow cases, absorb grease and dirt from the skin. This spoils the skin condition. Change clothes once a week and try to sleep on your back, so that the skin of the face does not touch the pillow.


To relieve the symptoms of heartburn, sleep on your left side on the orthopedic pillow.


To prevent wrinkles, sleep on your back

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They can appear if you always sleep on the same side of the face. To prevent wrinkles, sleep on your back or alternate sides of your face.

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