How to Stay Young, and Attractive for Longer

Everyone wants to stay young for a longer time. But not everyone is ready to make sacrifices, even knowing that some habits shorten youth.

How to Stay Young, and Attractive for Longer

5 habits that you will have to part with in order to maintain youth

1. Do not overeat

Scientists know for sure that overeating destroys our body, bringing something that we would not like. In addition to general manifestations of ill health, there are specific aging factors: for example, excess sugar damages the elasticity of the skin, damaging collagen and elastin. Conversely, a reduction in the caloric content of the diet prolongs active youth.

2. You must sleep at night

At night it is better to sleep. In recent years, many discoveries have been made about how much the right regimen and enough sleep affect your health. It is believed that the whole thing in the so-called sleep hormone is melatonin. It is involved in the regulation of the immune system. If it is not enough, even the risk of cancer increases, which, as it is established, night workers get sick more often.

3. Do not be lazy

Another important factor in the aging process is the lack of physical and mental activity. According to some studies, a sedentary lifestyle along with an unbalanced diet can take up to 10 years of life. Any activity is good, at least walking. Internationally recognized recommendation – 10 thousand steps a day.

4. Do not be nervous

Chronic stress is a real killer of our health. Unloved work, discomfort in the family, long trips in traffic jams – all this shortens life.

Chronic stress is a chronic human immunodeficiency, it is a vasospasm. The supply of cerebral vessels decreases, and in total this leads to what causes accelerated aging.

5. Be careful with the sun

The fashion for excessive tan and dislike, especially for men, for sunscreens is very disturbing to dermatologists. They say that 80% of age-related skin problems could be mitigated if the time spent in the sun is reduced. It, of course, is necessary for the production of vitamin D, but do not overdo it. For example, at sea it is better to sunbathe in the shade.

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