10 Steps to Controlling Your Emotions

10 Steps to Controlling Your EmotionsControl of emotions is an integral part in the development of any person. The very path of development is unthinkable without psychological stress, and if a person does not work to strengthen his psychological state and does not learn to control emotions, he can become a “hostage” of his emotions, and this is fraught with health and adversely affects all aspects of life.

Let’s talk in more detail about why it’s so important to learn how to control your emotions. First of all, one should emphasize that negative energy, attracted by negative emotions (anger, anger, envy, resentment, etc.), is often the cause of all sorts of physical and mental diseases. Conversely, positive energy, attracted by positive emotions, strengthens both psychological and physical health.

Secondly, people who are not able to control emotions, can fall into a state of short-term insanity (affect). A person who is unable to cope with traumatic experiences, being in a state of affect, can make rash actions, make decisions that in a normal state would not accept. Needless to say, that frequent stays in such a state can cause disorders of the psyche – schizophrenia and a split personality.

Thirdly, by his unbalanced and emotional lack of control, a person can destroy interpersonal relationships. Inability to control emotions does not allow a person to properly perform office and family duties.

Fourth. It is important to remember that our emotional background also affects other people. Those. regardless of what will be the consequences for the person (good, bad, profitable, etc.) of decisions taken by him and his actions after the emergence of emotions, with negative moments, those who were directly related to the emotion that arose in a person may encounter, and so with whom the subsequent action or the decision of the person was connected, after the arisen emotion.

Modern psychology looks at the problem of emotional control in different ways. Someone thinks that it is possible to control one’s emotions easily by deterrence and suppression (there are several different techniques, about them in the following articles), while others believe that restraining emotions is harmful to health and it is necessary to demonstrate them on the contrary. But there is another solution that allows you to take emotions under control – emotional hygiene.

To control emotions is not necessarily to suppress and restrain. Optimum control is prevention. The main rule of psychological and emotional hygiene is to control your own life, yourself and your environment. This means that in your life and your environment everything happens as you need and if you want you can always influence the processes that are taking place. To do this, you should learn the ten rules of emotional hygiene and follow them clearly.

Rules of emotional hygiene

  1. As soon as possible, pay off with all your financial debts, do things that have long postponed and eliminate the remaining “tails”. The less you have various kinds of debts, the more energy, strength and resources to achieve success in any business. The loan hangs above you like a sword of Damocles, you can reproach yourself with any “tail” … In this situation negative emotions prevail and in general it is rather difficult to control their emotions.
  2. Equip your housing and equip the workplace so that you feel comfortable, comfortable and comfortable in it. Often the usual change in the situation in the room (be it a cosmetic repair or a change of furniture) gives a positive mood for a couple of months.
  3. Strive to ensure that in your activities, whatever you do, there is enough (more than required) resources, space and time.
  4. Avoid life situations in which you are subjected to strong feelings. Do not do what emotionally depletes you and puts you in a state of stress – do not perform hated work (if it’s a career and job, it’s worthwhile to think about changing jobs or a profession if negative emotions predominate and poison your life) , do not commit actions and actions that are unpleasant to you, avoid being in a negative environment. Therefore, spend more time in a stimulating environment. Pay special attention to people. Do not communicate with pessimists, whiners, bores, energy vampires, those with whom you want to howl from anguish, etc. After a long time in the campaign of such people, life appears in a black light.
  5. Determine for yourself a list of things that cause you inconvenience and harm, mental or physical trauma. Establish your personal rules, the boundaries that protect you from these things, and ask those with whom you communicate do not violate these boundaries. Sooner or later these rules will be accepted by your allies. Those who constantly violate them can hardly be considered as such. Also, do not forget about the resistance of the environment, develop a number of techniques to help maintain these boundaries, without resorting to conflicts with others and without harming yourself. Be persistent.
  6. In a healthy body, the spirit is much more comfortable. At least thirty minutes a day (the more, the better) go in for sports. Physical exercise helps to produce hormones of pleasure and perfectly recycles all stress products.
  7. Periodically ask questions to yourself, conduct an inventory of your own life. With whom do you work and with whom do you communicate? Do you feel shortage and lack of time? What do you spend most of your time on? What are you working on? Does your work bring benefit and satisfaction? Constant self-analysis and inventory of the expenses of personal time (and also other resources), although it is initially perceived as painful, is a useful and productive procedure. Regular awareness of what you spend your life on is disciplined without any violence.
  8. Take control of emotions, you will help to wake up and light positive emotions. This is done by a simple effort of will and through regular training. Practice causing different feelings, but better sign up for a special training, where you will be told how to learn to control your emotions and how to consciously, switch from one emotion to another.
  9. Define your main life goals and start working on their embodiment. In terms of emotional control, setting goals is a great help. Even if everything is bad at the moment, and you are in a difficult situation, the realization of your plans and tasks allows you to achieve success sooner or later.
  10. Expand your environment, make your social circle as diverse as possible. Such a variety of acquaintances and connections will inspire you and make your world map more flexible and adequate.

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