7 Crazy Weight-Loss Methods You Should Never Try

In pursuit of a thin waist, women, sometimes, resort to completely insane ways to lose weight. Not only is this not effective, it is also dangerous for health. Unfortunately, the most correct methods are only moderate nutrition and exercise. Give up other means and do not give in to dubious temptations.

1. Air supply

In fact, this starvation, called the “supply of air.” The essence of the diet is self-deception. You cook the usual food, but you use it only with your eyes.

 2. Insulin injections

7 Crazy Weight-Loss Methods You Should Never Try

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Someone thinks that injections of insulin will help split fat by lowering the sugar level. Do not risk your health, because insulin can provoke the development of diabetes, and in worst cases – even an insulin coma.

3. Body wraps for weight loss

Body wraps with cellophane tape are used to remove excess liquid together with sweat. A side effect of abuse of this procedure can be nausea and dehydration. The body will still take its water rate, so do not get carried away by this dangerous method.

4. Sleep instead of eating

Many ladies are guided by the principle “the more I sleep, the less I eat”. Rational grain in this, of course, is, unless you go to extremes, forcing the body to sleep under the influence of sleeping pills. Such a diet is fraught with muscle atrophy and dehydration of the body.

5. Bee pollen

Bee pollen

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At one time, pollen was advertised as a universal nutrient capable of covering all the needs of the body, treating certain diseases and reducing weight. And no matter how we would like to believe in a miracle, numerous tests have not confirmed the magical properties of pollen. Instead, it was proved to be associated with severe allergic reactions in people who uncontrolledly added pollen to their diet.

6. Baby food

In view of the low caloric content of infant formula, adults attributed to them the properties of reducing weight. In fact, if the usual meals to replace jars of baby food, then a couple of extra pounds can really go away, but there will be a metabolic disorder, which in turn is extremely detrimental to health and figure.

7. Alcohol Diet

Alcohol Diet

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Absolutely absurd idea to get rid of excess weight by replacing normal food with alcohol. Any sober person can understand what disastrous consequences this venture can bring. Let more pounds be better than a sick liver and a clouded mind. This is not all the extreme measures that women who want to lose weight without diets and sports decide. So people are built that constantly believe in miracles. But it’s time to admit that miracles do not happen in the fight against excess weight, so you need to stock yourself with will and patience, and the result will not take long.

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