How to Overcome Perfectionism in Everyday Ways

How to Overcome Perfectionism in Everyday WaysAre you obsessed with cleanliness and order? Constantly rearranging things to make them “look right?” Are you never late for meetings? Nervously shaking over every detail of the project, so that everything looks perfect? A very long time preparing for everything that you are going to do?

However, for an average adult, perfectionism can become a stressful and counterproductive load. Do you realize this? Or have you already experienced yourself? How can we get rid of this or at least learn how to cope with this quality?

• Be able to refuse in time. Remember that failure or suspension is not always a sign of failure, but rather a testament to your maturity and ability to rationally allocate scarce resources of time and energy. Wise choice!

• Make a list of your worries. Calm your nerves, writing down the worst fears on paper. In a month you will probably laugh at what will basically prove to be harmless memories. In other words, do not be killed because of trivialities.

• Get rid of the feeling of doom and imminence of the bad. Work, personal problems, bills – these annoying factors will always be with you. Do not get hung up on them. Instead of fixing what you need to do – just do it!

• Do not suffer because of every decision you make. The daily decisions and risks either  work perfectly and take you to a new level, or do not work and in this case serve you as an important life lesson.

• Do not let perfectionism steal your happiness. Striving for excellence in everything really deprives you of a sense of happiness. As a result, there is a circular cycle: perfectionism – procrastination – analytical paralysis. Places for happiness in this cycle have never been, there has not been and never will be.

• You do not need external approval. Do not require feedback and confirmation from external sources. You did your best at your own expense and resources, did not you? So you have done well and can move on. Learn to be content with what you have achieved.

• Change the way you think. We are our own worst enemies. Remember this! Negative thoughts lead to … even more negative thoughts.

• Just cool down and calm down! Any failure is always a temporary occurrence. These things do not characterize you or your life. Draw conclusions and continue to move.

• Overactive mind is your trouble! The mind of a perfectionist does not know rest, causing overload and exhaustion. Try a daily five-minute meditation. This will allow your gray matter to calm down and take a break. Slow and deep breathing can sometimes perform miracles.

• Gratitude is important. Start each day with a short list of 5 things, for which you are grateful. The advantages of such a listing are that you will see in writing all that you already have in your life, and, perhaps, will cease to worry because of trifles.

• Find a balance. “Well done” is better than “perfect, but never completed”.

• Give up your incredibly high standards. Be kind to yourself. Do not worry about even the smallest mistake.

• Give yourself permission to make a mistake. It’s absolutely not scary. Constantly remind your mind of the perfectionist: “What is the worst thing that can happen in this particular case?” Most likely, everything is not so bad as you think!

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