Superfoods For Your Heart

If you want your heart to stay as healthy as possible, then you should focus on these five products as much as possible. And they are regular. Include in your diet, but keep an eye on the norm. For example, olive oil – it is even useful for health, but on the other hand: contains a lot of calories.

The nutrition of any person should contain 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of proteins and 30% of fats. Such are the nutritional standards of people and such are the approximate proportions of food in our “daily dish”. This is as close as possible to the physiological, that is, healthy for humans, norms.

At the same time, it is important to understand that fats can be of two kinds: animals and plants. And the first one should be only one-third of all fat consumed by man, the rest (two thirds) should be on vegetable fats.

It is these fats that contain products recommended by doctors to those who want a young and healthy heart and blood vessels. Here, for example:



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It is rich in fatty acids Omega-3, which have anti-inflammatory action and protect the heart from coagulation of blood. And they also help to lower cholesterol levels. Of course, not everyone can afford to eat salmon permanently, especially people living on one pension. Nevertheless, 2-3 times a month, one hundred grams of salmon or other sea fish (such as tuna or sardines) can also be “unloaded”. For the sake of healthy hearts and blood vessels.


It also helps lower cholesterol levels – the cause of atherosclerosis. And thus it reduces the probability of a heart attack and vascular problems. And at the same time olive oil works as an antioxidant and produces anti-inflammatory effect. And, of course, it is much more useful than butter. However, do not be fond of olive, adhere to the measure.


Eat nuts

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Eat nuts. The main thing is to ensure that they are “natural” and not processed – fried, salted, and so on. The Grecian ones are a pile of useful fats. Like cedar nuts, but they are also rich in fat-cleaving vitamins E, F, as well as iodine. And on nutritional properties cedar oil surpasses sunflower. Peanuts almost 50% consist of fats, the rest of the protein (almost 30%) and many-many vitamin A. Pistachios are useful for the brain and heart, and have a prophylactic property against cardiovascular diseases.

But cashew in comparison with other nuts contains not so much fat, but strengthens the immune system.


Monounsaturated fatty acids. Vitamins E, C, V. Macro and trace elements: salts of phosphorus, iron, potassium … And so on and so on. In general, you see yourself – olives and olives are worth as much as possible. These “biblical berries” will help lower cholesterol pressure and cholesterol. A high concentration of phenolic compounds will help prevent the formation of Thrombus and protect against oxidative processes.



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But the spinach of fats is not very rich, but it contains a huge amount of folic acid, which means that the regular use of spinach is a 100% guarantee of cardiovascular disease and stroke. And with the help of vitamin K, which is also found in a large amount of spinach, it helps to treat blood clotting disorders.

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