Ways to Improve the Look of Under-Eye Circles

Ways to Improve the Look of Under-Eye Circles

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Health, like his absence, is very often reflected on our face. Stress, fatigue, slagging of the body and bad habits are manifested in rashes, flabby skin, dark circles under the eyes. How to put yourself in order in a short time? How to eliminate the cause, not its effect? What home remedies are suitable to get rid of circles under the eyes, and when you can not do without the help of a specialist?

The causes of dark circles under the eyes

The skin around the eyes is slightly different from other areas on the face. Even more tenderness, it is also more subtle – there is almost no subcutaneous fatty tissue, the blood vessels are as close to the surface as possible. The skin around the eyes covers the eye cavity, and therefore is slightly in the shade. To these features, congenital or acquired pigmentation, skin aging and its aesthetic defects due to negative external influences can be added. Whatever it was, but the result is often highly undesirable – dark circles under the eyes. They want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, and for this it is necessary to understand the nature of their occurrence and the mechanisms of elimination.

Dark circles under the eyes are blue, gray and yellow-mustard. Attractiveness is relaxing, and sometimes the problem goes deeper and deeper. Sometimes it is a sign of dysfunction of the internal organs – the heart, liver, pancreas, digestive tract as a whole. In children, dark circles under the eyes can occur with diseases of the nasopharynx, teeth and gums, vegetative-vascular dystonia. Before taking any action from the circles under the eyes, make sure you do not have any other symptoms of any internal malfunction. If the dark circles are due to diseases of internal organs, no local effects will help. If you are sure of general health, look for other reasons for an external defect.

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes and Dark Circles

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Among the common factors that give rise to dark circles under the eyes are:

  • Allergic reactions are a very atypical manifestation of an allergy, but still probable; The allergen can be medicamentous, vegetative, food nature; to reveal such a cause can be at least by observing the “cause-effect relationship” and as a maximum as a result of a special sample;
    hypovitaminosis – deficiency of various minerals and vitamins; First of all, we are talking about gland and anemia developing on this background; In addition, during the off-season, hypovitaminosis affects health by weakness and apathy, a high susceptibility to infectious diseases and a tired, “gray” appearance;
  • fatigue and the body in general, and the eye in particular – it’s a debilitating working day, a long work in front of a computer monitor, a high level of stress and chronic lack of sleep; such a daily rhythm, if it allows you to achieve success in a career or other undertakings, is necessarily at the same time reflected both in appearance and health;
  • bad habits – the use of nicotine and alcohol (especially narcotic drugs), first, affects the work of internal organs, and secondly, affects the state of the vessels (narrows them) and skin color;
  • rapid loss of weight – often affects women 35-40 years old, rapid weight loss leads to thinning of the skin and literally to its translucence; due to age, such changes can be accompanied by a sagging of the skin in the eyelid;
  • climatic conditions – in particular the effect of cold weather, when the already minimal amount of subcutaneous fat in the face area is reduced, to that is added the weathering of the skin and the insufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen;
  • improperly selected or applied makeup – this applies not so obvious reason as the use of the appropriate color of shadows, how many such strokes in the eye area that creates the appearance of dark circles under the eyes;
  • improper quality of cosmetics – first, cosmetics can be and often becomes the cause of allergies, lethargic skin; Secondly, cosmetics must necessarily be selected in accordance with the needs of the skin (at least with its type); thirdly, in no case can you leave cosmetics on your face for a day and do not wash it for the night.

Prevention of dark circles under the eyes

Like any deterioration in health, appearance in particular, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is easier to prevent, rather than subsequently removed. The prevention of such an external shortcoming is to avoid the causes of their occurrence. It will all go about the same healthy lifestyle and constant attention to your health and well-being. Compliance with the recommendations below is an excellent prevention not only of fatigue on the face, but also of all internal problems.

Get well sleep
A full-fledged healthy sleep, according to scientists, is 7-8 hours in accordance with the biological rhythms of the body. Although sleep needs are individual for each person, 7-8 hours are considered the golden mean. If you get enough sleep for 6 hours and feel well, do not change anything. If you start to observe dark circles under the eyes, think about whether your dream is correct. Similarly, some people may miss 7-8 hours of sleep, then at least on a day off, allow yourself a bonus rest time.

In addition, you can have shift work and the need to work at night. So the natural rhythms get lost, and again this is the way to deteriorating the appearance. You can have a poorly equipped sleeping place. Pay attention to the degree of darkness of the room (especially if you have a rest during the day), the temperature of the air, the quality of the sleeping accessories (mattress and pillow), the location in the room of household appliances (and especially their work during your sleep).

Minimum of stresses
Of course, this is easier said than done. But there will be urgent recommendations to find ways to get rid of stress (since they already occur in your life), which are acceptable to you. First of all, learn to abstract and fight the influx of negative emotions. Secondly, along with a busy work schedule or other sources of stress in your life, mechanisms of getting rid of negative emotions must certainly be present. A good vacation and interesting leisure, loved ones nearby, fascinating hobby and stuff-other. If non-drug treatment of stress is powerless, discuss with your doctor the relevance of medications – from simple valerian to more potent substances. At the same time, do not get carried away by self-medication and do not heal stress by bad habits.

Rejection of bad habits
Another need to never see dark circles under your eyes. Start the morning with a cigarette or coffee, finish the day with a glass of wine and the more abused it means not the most irreproachable appearance. Harmful habits at least affect the functioning of the circulatory system, and the toxic substances contained in nicotine, caffeine, alcohol will affect the skin color.

To keep my eyes from getting tired
Very often, the reason for dark circles under the eyes is fatigue, not so much the whole organism as the eye itself. Lack of sleep and constant work with the computer, reading in the transport and watching movies as a leisure. As a result, not only the whites of the eyes are covered with a mesh of blood vessels, but circles on the skin appear. And in the worst case, vision can be significantly weakened. As part of the prevention, not only look for a discharge for the eyes, but also apply special gymnastics. There is a mass of exercises that relieve tension from the eye and facial muscles, which help improve blood flow in this area. Do not forget about periodic breaks when working with a computer – enough hourly for 5 minutes to be distracted from the monitor. The same applies to reading and watching movies.

Eat well
Give preference to healthy food – this will affect not only the absence of dark circles under the eyes, but also on the slender figure, health of the skin and hair. Together with food, our body receives the necessary vitamins and trace elements, so make sure that the menu was varied and balanced. Overcome the hypovitaminosis can be both with the help of a diet, and with the use of food additives, vitamin-mineral complexes. First of all, unsightly circles under the eyes create a lack of iron, and therefore lean on a pomegranate, buckwheat, offal. It is better if in the shortage of this or that vitamin / microelement you will be certified by laboratory research.

Give preference to healthy food

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Proper skin care
The skin of the face requires special care, and often the dark circles under the eyes of the body reacts precisely to improper care. If you are addicted to dark circles, pay attention to cosmetics containing collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid and all kinds of biologically active substances. It will be appropriate and vitaminization of the skin. Not only from the inside through food, but also from the outside – use creams containing vitamins A, C, K, extracts of bilberries, horse chestnut, ginkgo biloba. In the hot season, do not forget to moisturize the skin and protect it from ultraviolet radiation, and in winter, creams are needed with a function of nutrition and protection against dryness during weathering. From decorative cosmetics choose the least aggressive and safe, and certainly wash it off the face, going to sleep.


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