5 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

5 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose WeightThe idea that the choice of diet should be approached with all responsibility and seriousness does not come to us immediately. As a rule, she suffered from the experience of two or three unsuccessful diets, which at best did not bring a positive result, and in the worst caused significant harm to health. What are the typical mistakes committed by those who begin to fight against hated extra pounds?

No clear plan and nutrition strategy

Most often, the thought of regaining the old form and size comes to the person spontaneously. “Everything”, – he decides, – “I get on a diet from Monday”. At the same time, there is no clear idea of ​​what will be its essence, what will be the duration and from what the ration will be built specifically. A person makes a fateful decision and wants to change his life in a jiffy, naively counting on the fact that having erased from his menu all harmful foods, he somehow will be able to fill them with useful magic wands. In fact, it turns out that the slimming person eats that “God will send”, eats monotonously, and when he gets bored, begins to admit liberties and allow himself what he originally planned to refuse.

This situation is unacceptable. It is necessary to work out all the details accurately and in detail, which of them will consist of lunches, breakfasts and dinners, whether it is planned to take food with you to work or will be able to eat at a nearby cafe, not hamburgers and hot dogs, but complex lunches. Anyone who is looking for a chance, part with the diet, not having time to start it properly.

The basis of the diet – low-calorie food

Often, a man striving to lose weight rushes from one extreme to another and dramatically changes his diet, leaving only vegetables and fruit in it, well, even kefir with buckwheat. This restriction of caloric intake is a direct way to losing weight, as many people think, without realizing that this is also the direct path to illness. If you get a lot less calories than you waste, the body will have a natural deficit of nutrients and vitamins, and this will immediately affect your health. Dizziness, weakness, decreased performance – that’s what awaits you. And in the long run, and malfunctions of the menstrual cycle in women, stones in the gallbladder, loss of muscle mass, etc.

But the most important thing is that all these tortures will be wasted. When returning to previous eating habits, the weight will return again, and often it even exceeds the previous figures that were before the diet. So is there any point to scoff at your body? The weight loss period can not have a short duration. After all, you did not gain your weight overnight? Probably, many months passed, or even years, for which he managed to grow to undesirable limits? So why do you want to get rid of it for a couple of weeks, or even days?

Unbalanced and irrational diet

This point flows smoothly from the previous one. It is impossible to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and with them vitamins and minerals, eating only fruits and vegetables. Any food, including dietary, must be balanced and rational. And this means that the menu must necessarily be meat and fish – the main sources of protein, from which our muscles and bones are built. You just need to know which species and varieties to give preference. Beef, rabbit, veal, low-fat pork – the most preferred options, but the fish, on the contrary, you can choose and fat. In red and other varieties contain a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which, contrary to popular belief, do not increase, but lower the level of cholesterol in the body.

Carbohydrates also are different. If your goal is weight loss, bet on complex carbohydrates, which provide the body with energy for a long time. They contain cereals, which are ideal for breakfast and snack. Baking and baking include simple carbohydrates, which are precisely the culprits for the deposition of excess fat. It is better to exclude them at the time of the diet. Well, fruits and vegetables, dairy products are good as a snack.

Losing weight as a way to save money

A lot of people who lose weight rely on the fact that the diet will allow them to significantly save the family budget, because they will be much less than before, and so the costs will decrease. Often it turns out the opposite. Instead of packing pelmeni or some other semi-finished products, you have to take natural meat, and with it fresh vegetables, to prepare a full dinner or lunch. But not everything is as terrible as it seems. The costs can be kept at the same level, and even reduced if you know what can replace expensive dietary food. For example, instead of avocados buy bananas and use them to make smoothies. In winter, many vegetables grown in the home region-radishes, rutabaga, cabbage, carrots, etc., can be found on sale. But in the summer it is even easier and lighter to lose weight.

The sharp beginning and the termination of a diet

Any diet is a stress for the body, therefore it is necessary to take measures to smooth out this process. That is why nutritionists recommend to enter and exit from it smoothly, minimizing harm to the body. It is not recommended to start losing weight after a period of active overeating, characteristic for the holidays. In this case, it is best to limit yourself to unloading days. But if in the plans for a long time, if not forever change their eating habits, then it is better to start doing this gradually, gradually reducing the caloric content of the diet and relieving it of unwanted products.

The same goes for getting out of the diet. Whatever the limitations, it is impossible to observe them all their lives, and this is not required. It is important to understand what exactly caused weight gain and eliminate it. If you were full for the night, try not to do it again, but better transfer the most caloric meal for lunch. If you are a lover of sweet, look for a useful alternative – honey, dried fruits, nuts, and sweets allow yourself only from time to time. Nutritionists say that the best diet is one that you can observe all your life. That is, it’s not even a diet, but a way of life, and if there is a desire, it can always be changed for the better.

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