Discard These 5 Foods And Prevent Severe Heart Disease

Discard These 5 Foods And Prevent Severe Heart DiseaseThe health of our heart depends on heredity by only a quarter, and by three quarters – on our lifestyle. And every piece of “bad” food today increases the risk of a heart attack or heart attack in the future. But if some foods – not even the most healthy ones – are ready to forgive the heart for us, that is, food that is better to be deleted from your diet forever. For the sake of our own health and longevity.

Processed meat
Bacon, ham, sausage and sausages are familiar but, alas, very dangerous food. Last year, oncologists took up arms against them, recognizing them as carcinogenic products, and now cardiologists are joining them. It’s all about saturated fats, which are many in this kind of meat products, as well as sodium, which is used to increase the shelf life of meat. Both that, and another are literally mortally dangerous for our heart – so is it worth the risk for a moment of pleasure?

Red meat
Do you see a juicy steak with mushrooms or a pork chop? Cardiologists see salt, cholesterol and saturated fats that literally knock out the heart and blood vessels. No, of course, doctors are not animals (well, at least most of them) and do not require completely abandoning red meat: just reduce its share in the diet to three to four servings per month.

Potato Chips and Popcorn
Both that, and another can even be useful for our heart, but only under one condition: you yourself will prepare these delicacies. And you will not add salt to them. The fact is that almost all of us daily significantly exceed the safe dose of salt, which is why we risk our hearts again and again – unfortunately, in the literal sense of the word. Try to avoid foods with hidden salt and reduce its amount in dishes that you cook yourself.

Sweet soda and juices (even freshly squeezed) are dangerous for the heart, as in fact they are a solution of sugar, but even worse are the so-called diet, in which sugar is replaced by its imitators. Regular consumption of “zero” drinks seriously increases the risk of heart disease – as well as the risk of cancer and dementia.

Instant noodles
Who among us did not eat instant pasta in our students? If we knew how much salt was in them (almost half the daily norm), most likely, we would refuse them even then. Need more arguments? You are welcome! Almost all types of instant noodles are deep-fried – and what could be worse for our vessels? Never, never buy and eat it again – for your own good!

Picture Credit: Robin Stickel

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