How to Appear Calm in Any Situation

How to Appear Calm in Any SituationEmotion control is not a flight to Mars and not a problem in nuclear physics.

Each person can regulate the internal state. This is especially important if:

  • it’s hard for you to control your behavior;
  • every little thing affects the nerves;
  • you often face difficulties, solve important issues;
  • life is about to change;
  • you want to be a discreet and balanced person.

About the dangers of stress

In a stressful situation, enhanced secretion of the hormone cortisol begins.

The body goes into survival mode, a person simply cannot adequately perceive what is happening and make rational decisions.

To the nervous and aggressive person you do not know which side to approach in order not to kill.

But changes in behavior are only the tip of the iceberg.

The person on the nerves easily loses control of the situation and often makes the wrong decisions.
Close people (family, friends) suffer, because they also get a part of your negativity.
Reduced performance.
There is a risk of getting a “bunch” of diseases: metabolic disorders, vasospasm, heart problems, increased anxiety, depression.
How do you like this prospect?

The best way to help the body is to be calm. How long it takes will depend on your efforts and temperament.

Phlegmatic received a small bonus from nature – poise, it is easier for them to suppress rage and aggression.

Representatives of other types (especially choleric persons) have a serious work to do.

How to be calm and not lose composure: 7 best ways

1. Count to 100. As you recall the sequence of numbers, you will have time to calm down a bit and not provoke a conflict.

Imagine the situation: you are at a meeting, and your colleague did not like your presentation.

Righteous anger boils in your soul: “Yes, I spent a week on it. How dare he criticize my masterpiece? ”

You give vent to your anger and make a personal enemy. But if you abstract from emotions, you can understand: he just expressed his point of view. This simple practice will help you become a calm person.

2. Control facial expressions and gestures. Yes, the boss has angered you with his notations: his hands are clenched into fists, his eyes are thrown with lightning, and stinging phrases are being asked for.

Now think about this: an emotionally unbalanced person is very easy to manage.

Flash almost always follows shame and guilt – they can be played like a violin.

You will lose your temper, you will say too much, and in punishment you will receive a portion of additional work. Do you need it?

The easiest way to be calm is to learn to direct your thoughts on a peaceful course.

Aerobatics is when you listen to criticism with a neutral expression of your face, and in your dreams you have already punished the evil boss by all means.

3. Change the subject. Psychology claims that the method works fine with people who eat away the brain with a teaspoon.

If the topic of conversation hooked you alive and you already want to kill – turn the conversation in a less exciting direction.

4. Take a break. Even self-confident people need a break. Many people believe that the more you think about a problem, the faster it will be solved.

In fact, you are becoming increasingly bogged down in a swamp of stress and depression.

It is urgent to distract and focus on something good.

Meeting with friends, camping, easy and enjoyable movie, playing with a pet are positive emotions that you lack so much now.

If a girl is angry or offended – buy her cakes or a bucket of ice cream, but more!

The method is controversial: for a couple of hours this “medicine” is enough, but note: those who brought the delicacy will blame the dialed kilograms and extra centimeters at the waist.

It is important to firmly remember: sedatives, alcohol, food – not a panacea.

5. Relaxation techniques. In order not to get annoyed over trifles, you do not need to practice yoga or learn Zen from infancy – learn basic relaxation and breathing techniques.

Yogic breathing is popular: a breath on four counts and a similar deep breath. After that, hold the air for 20-30 seconds.

Meditate for 10-15 minutes a day. Just sit in a comfortable position, turn on relaxing music and listen to your feelings.

Think about where you would like to be now: on the top of a mountain, near the sea, in a forest glade?

Imagine a picture to the smallest detail and hold it in front of your eyes until you feel peace and tranquility.

Aromatherapy helps a lot. For the nervous system are useful oils of orange, lavender, bergamot,  mint, juniper, lemon balm, sandalwood.

6. Look at the problem from the other side. Unbiased and without emotion. Learn to experience trouble yourself.

Suppose you quarreled with your husband. Your position is clear: “He is a thankless cattle, I am white and fluffy.”

Do not rush to call your best friend and complain. You then forgive the faithful, but her unpleasant aftertaste will remain.

It is necessary to take responsibility for their actions and words. “Anyone is to blame, but not me” – this is the position of a weak personality. The strong are not afraid to admit their mistakes and become even stronger.

On emotions you can talk such that your interlocutor will stand on end

7. Essential needs. If you really want to quarreling – welcome to the world of sports.

A three or four miles race will quickly eliminate the desire to kill, and strength training will help to get rid of bad thoughts from your head.

Some ladies on the spot of a punching bag represent the offender – and they zealously revenge him with their fists. Know helps!

To some extent, sport is also stressful for the body, but controlled!

In addition, this is a great opportunity to maintain excellent health and shape.

Moreover, crawling out of the gym, you will dream of a hot bath or a soft couch, and not make insidious plans for revenge.

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