6 Common Healthy Eating Myths

6 Common Healthy Eating MythsRecently, on the Internet there are many articles on proper nutrition. A huge amount of information that is difficult enough to assimilate completely and determine where the truth is and where the lie is.

This article will discuss the most common myths about healthy eating. How to find out where the truth is and where the lie is?

Myth Number 1: Alcohol
It is often written that drinking alcohol leads to weight gain. And this is true. Firstly, almost all alcoholic beverages are high in calories. For example, in a glass of vodka 230 kcal, in sweet wines from 100 kcal. Secondly, due to its caloric content, alcohol causes the active production of gastric juice, that is, it whets the appetite. Moreover, alcohol prevents the liver from functioning normally, the blood sugar level decreases and the body feels the need for food.

Myth Number 2: Green Tea
The myth that green tea can speed up metabolism is true. This is because one third of its components are antioxidants, which affect the metabolic rate. It also improves memory, helps strengthen immunity.

Myth number 3: Acute
There is a myth that spicy foods contribute to weight loss and it is true. But the fact is that for weight loss it is of great importance which spices to choose. For example, mustard affects metabolism, accelerating it. Black pepper has the same properties. Ginger or cinnamon also helps speed up metabolism and burn fat.

However, it is worth remembering that if the dish is fat, then no spices will help to lose weight. Dishes should be dietary.

Myth number 4: Coffee
Coffee also contributes to weight loss because it contains antioxidants, as in green tea. But it’s important to consider that consuming large amounts of coffee can lead to migraines, irritability, and many other problems. The best option is to consume no more than 300 ml of coffee per day.

Myth Number 5: Low Fat Foods
Are such products helpful? If we are talking about vegetables or legumes, then yes! But if we are talking about canned foods containing a small amount of fat, then you should be careful, because such products contain a large amount of sugar and harmful carbohydrates, which will only contribute to the deposition of fat masses.

Myth number 6: Acne
Diets do not have a direct effect on acne treatment. Using the right diet can only stabilize hormone production. They regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands and the production of insulin, which affects the level of glucose in the blood.

This is prevented by foods such as alcohol, sodas, smoked meats, and fatty foods. And they contribute to the normalization of the hormonal balance of oatmeal, vegetables, fruits.

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