How to Stay Healthy If You Sit at a Computer All Day

How to Stay Healthy If You Sit at a Computer All Day

Without a computer, we can’t imagine our life. But our assistant and friend can turn into our enemy if we sit at him at random. Therefore, we get acquainted with the rules of working at a computer and remember.

If you have pain in the neck and back

The big and main problem of laptops is that its screen and keyboard are very close to each other. Because of this, the user’s back is hunched, which leads to more pain in the back and in the neck.

Try to put the laptop on the dais, also do not put the laptop on your knees. Do not forget to make small pauses during work.

If your shoulders hurt

Tense and constantly raised shoulders are the result of spending too much time in front of the computer. We recommend every hour to move away from the computer and knead your shoulders.

If you have pain in fingers and dry hands

Working at the computer, you are constantly straining your hands. And while working with a laptop, palms and fingers are constantly in contact with a hot metal surface, and as a result irritated skin is obtained.
As soon as you feel discomfort – use hand cream. Do a little gymnastics for your hands and relax.

If your eyes are tired

Redness and pain in the eyes – this is what provokes many hours sitting in front of the computer.

Be sure to buy yourself glasses for the computer and do exercises for the eyes. And one more little secret for those who care about their health. Doctors say that honey helps protect your eyes from the computer.

Recipe: after waking up, ten to fifteen minutes before brushing your teeth, we recommend slowly dissolving a tablespoon of honey. It is advisable to repeat this procedure before bedtime.

Good health and successful work!

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