Just Say No: 10 Common Medical Tests That May Do More Harm

Just Say No: 10 Common Medical Tests That May Do More HarmAny tests are expensive and often painful. It turns out there are a large number of unnecessary medical research that does not help in the diagnosis of disease.

  • Any tests for herpes 1,2 and 3 types, rubella, measles, parotitis in the presence of manifestations of the disease. These diagnoses are set by the clinical picture.
  • Any tests for herpes 6 and 7 types. Just because treatment recommendations have not yet been developed, and the drugs are in the phase of clinical trials.
  • Repeated determination of IgG to all herpes and toxoplasmas, if a positive result has already been obtained. Antibodies never disappear, and titer fluctuations have no diagnostic value.
  • Detection of Epstein-Barr virus in saliva by polymerase chain reaction. A single detection does not confirm the infection. But, even if the virus is detected many times, it does not affect the tactics of treatment.
  • The study of IgG antibodies to any infections in children under one year. It is impossible to distinguish maternal antibodies from children.
  • The study of feces for dysbiosis. This is equivalent to fortune telling.
  • Any tests before vaccination in healthy children. The vast majority of pathologies in which vaccination is contraindicated are not detected by general clinical tests and have clinical manifestations.
  • Determination of total Ig E to determine the cause of allergies.
  • Donating an immunogram, simply because the child who started going to the kindergarten, began to get sick more often with ARVI (the norm is up to 10-12 times a year).
  • CT / MRI of the brain with suspected meningitis. This diagnosis can only be confirmed by the study of cerebrospinal fluid.

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