Tips for Avoiding Awkward Conversations with Old Friends

Tips for Avoiding Awkward Conversations with Old FriendsHow is it that some people adore everyone, while others take doses in companies? It’s not always in the charm, just the pets know what to keep quiet about.

Remember these topics. And when you go to a meeting with friends, then forget these topics of conversation.

Disease details

Yes, we all get sick, especially with problems with age. It would seem that the age changes for all are about the same and a deeper topic for a conversation try to find.

In fact, people do not want to associate leisure with illnesses, remember their own and listen to others. Especially if they are associated with something too intimate, like the gastrointestinal tract. Silence as a partisan, the question of why you were lying in the hospital – it is not necessary, but leave the extra details to the doctor, then he is a professional.

Embellished facts
Each of us seems that others have a brighter and more interesting life, especially with the advent of social networks. So you want to apply a bright pink filter and for life, slightly embellishing one, the second, the third story.

Lies quickly enough to figure out and stop trusting even your true stories, rest assured that everything was not so rosy.

Past relationships
Even if you do not have a boyfriend, this is the past that should be left behind. If you speak about it roughly, others will ask themselves: “Why did she endure it for years”? If it’s gentle, they’ll wonder how you could have made such a wonderful guy. Forget!

Boring stories
Many in the arsenal have a story with which the company was lamenting 10 years ago. As a magician pulls a rabbit out of a cylinder, these stories get when a new person appears in the company or just to revitalize the situation.

Over the years, some friends can listen to it dozens of times and conclude that nothing interesting is going on in your life. Maybe it’s time to tell about something new?

Resentment against parents
There is nothing more unpleasant than an adult. Who publicly takes offense at my mother, who in his childhood did not pick out all the lumps from semolina. A person who does not respect his parents is unlikely to be surrounded.

Perhaps you are well versed in all the intricacies and intrigues of the powers that be, but it may seem simply boring to most people.

Worse, if you find the same expert with a different political opinion: it smells of quarreling and discord in the whole company, the cause of which will be you.

“It’s not my fault”
In life, everything happens, but if you have done something wrong, do not try to substitute friends, “translating the arrows” for everyone involved. Much more will be respected by a person who fully admits his guilt. And the incident will be forgotten as soon as possible.

What could be more interesting than telling fresh details from the life of mutual friends? Think about whether it’s worth a few minutes of attention that now you will not trust secrets, not wanting to be the object of discussion next time.

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