Things you Should Stop Doing Right After Getting up in the Morning

Things you Should Stop Doing Right After Getting up in the MorningFor the morning to be good, you need to start it right! Then the whole day you will have a good mood and good health. What are the habits of eradicating, so that every day is productive and fun?

Do not reset the alarm

This is the favorite “game” of many people – to postpone the climb for 10 minutes, then another 5. You just start to fall asleep, and again the alarm goes off. This is a huge stress for the body, so when you finally get out of bed, you feel broken and sleepy.
If you find it difficult to leave a warm bed immediately after waking up, leave yourself some minutes to stretch, stretch your muscles and finally wake up. Do not make the alarm again – then you have to overcome the dream.

Do not take a hot shower

Jets of hot water relax and cause a single desire – to go back to bed and have a little more sleep. Such a shower reduces the frequency of the heartbeat, soothes and does not tune at all to productive activities.

It is better to rinse the body with cool water or make a contrast shower. This will help to find the lost tonus and work fruitfully.

Morning is the small beginning of a new life. Therefore, you do not need to remember past defeats and negative experiences. Leave these events in the past and think about the present and the future. When you are mentally clinging to the events of long gone days, miss the moments that will not return. So you plunge into the negative and live the day on a minor note.

Teach yourself in the morning to think only of good things. Over a cup of fragrant coffee, you can dream how productive this day will be. Fantasize what pleasant surprises he has prepared for you.

Do not watch the news

Of course, you always want to be aware of what is happening in the world. But, unfortunately, often news causes negative emotions. Why start the day with outrage, doubt, and sometimes fear? In addition, the news captivates and takes away the priceless morning time, which should be spent with advantage.

If you want to get your “information” in the morning, better read interesting literature, motivational books, success stories. It will inspire you to exploit and give a positive charge.

Do not make an important decision

Often in the morning people feel a little slow. So do not make important decisions and do not tackle difficult tasks until you have a good breakfast. Give yourself time to finally wake up.

Do not open emails and social networks

Even if there are important working moments. First a morning toilet, breakfast – and only then work. As a rule, checking the mailbox and social networks lasts longer than you originally planned: read messages, reply to everyone, view the tape. This process enthralls and reduces efficiency.

Teach yourself to keep track of friends’ updates after you have done all the important things. Then you will not spend a lot of time on social networks.

Do not check accounts

Checking invoices, receipts and other payments is always stressful. Especially if the amounts are impressive. Allocate time during the day, so as not to rush to sort out all the deductions. Then you will not be nervous, that you are late for work and did not have time to have breakfast.

Do not make major purchases

Sometimes in the morning I want to start a new life and indulge myself with an expensive purchase. Especially, online stores are ready to receive you at any time. But you should be careful. First of all, you should have enough time to study all the characteristics of the product. Hurry is not the best shopping companion.

Postpone shopping for a while – you can continue when you are free and energetic. Then spend your blood with the maximum benefit.

Do not play online games

In the age of gadgets, computer games have become a familiar entertainment. But in the morning you should not waste time on them. It is better to stay in the real world and focus on current and urgent tasks. This will help plan the day, set goals and outline ways to achieve them.
And you can play while you’re standing in a traffic jam or you just get a free minute. Then computer games will not cause dependence and will not worsen the quality of life.

Do not argue

Do not start a dispute – this is not the best start to the day. After an unpleasant discussion, you will feel tired and angry. If the debate is inevitable, try to transfer them to day time. Then you can finally wake up and adjust to the rhythm of the day.

To restrain yourself and not get involved in a dispute, even if you are provoked, take your emotions under control. Calmly argue your position and do more pleasant things.

Plan the morning so that there is always time to be alone with you, gather your thoughts and think about the coming day.

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