Weight-Loss Motivation

Motivation for weight loss

Fat is an inert substance, and even with intense physical exertion, carbohydrates are first consumed – more “light” fuel. To burn 0.5 kg of fat you need:

  • pass at a speed of 3.2 km / h distance of 232 km;
  • pass at a speed of 5.5 km / h distance of 107 km;
  • run at the pace of the marathon race 69 km;
  • Riding a horse for 9.5 hours;
  • to dance foxtrot for 16 hours;
  • Perform Beethoven’s works in 30 hours.

A strong motivation for weight loss can arise only when a person ceases to perceive any therapy as an encroachment on food as the best thing that only in life when he can review the habitual forms of his eating behavior and ask himself: “Why is gluttony so has taken possession of me, what interests and values ​​due to this have moved to the background? ”

When a person realizes that he does not “do not hunger and renounce the joys of life” but simply wants to improve his life, change the hierarchy of his values, see his problems and start solving them, then the restriction of the amount of food will not be perceived as stealing himself yourself. Then the most difficult first 2-3 months of restructuring of eating behavior will be progressed more successfully. Understanding that any restructuring is accompanied by unpleasant sensations that lengthening the breaks between meals really causes sucking in the pit of stomach, dizziness and inner shivers, but that all this is not fatal, will help the body to get used to the new regime.

People who have a weak motivation are not able to achieve the desired result. Any method of reducing weight seems to them untenable, and their own possibilities – limited.

Since a person easily finds an excuse for his negative actions, he can justify his positive behavior, in particular, the transition to proper nutrition.

In order to get rid of the unpleasant sensation of sucking in the pit of the stomach, it is enough to eat quite a bit – the main thing is that the composition of the food corresponds to the chosen diet.

Do not need to specifically ask yourself “Am I not hungry?” – because the sensation of hunger, like all other sensations, is intensified when attention is concentrated. Find yourself an occupation that will help you to escape from persistent thoughts about food. People who are passionate about work – whether mentally or physically – do not feel hungry. The opposite example: during a passive rest (for example, on the beach), a person constantly wants to chew something, looks forward to lunch or dinner.

People who want to get rid of excess weight should not at all resort to a complete refusal of food – the same goal can be achieved by making certain adjustments to their daily diet.

In order to avoid the appearance of “extra pounds”, you need to learn how to respond quickly to weight gain. For a modern person who has knowledge of the benefits of proper nutrition and understands that weight gain begins when food intake does not correspond to energy consumption, it will not be difficult.

Controlling your own weight is just as normal a daily hygienic procedure as washing and cleaning your teeth.
A person prone to fatness or obese should choose the right foods, carefully compose a daily diet and monitor their eating behavior, respond quickly to weight gain.

  • Eight Power Rules
  • Have fun with food;
  • Eat a variety of food;
  • Eat the right amount to have a healthy weight;
  • Eat meals rich in starch and Dietary fiber;
  • Do not eat a lot of fatty foods;
  • Do not eat sweet too often;
  • Watch out for the presence of vitamins and minerals in the diet;
  • Drink alcohol within reasonable limits.

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