5 Ways to Cleanse Your Body in 1 Day

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Body in 1 DayEach of us is worth a full detox of the body at least once a couple of months, because the days of separation and harmful habits will not be in vain. Swelling, fatigue, extra pounds. These are all indicators of what our body needs purification.

Good news. You can carry out a complete cleansing of the body in just a day and you will not have to drink liters of fresh juice filled with fructose.

There are other more pleasant and useful ways.

10 hours of sleep

Quality and good sleep is the most wonderful way to restore and improve the body. If you sleep enough, then there will be no excess weight, and the level of cortisol in the body will decrease.

In order for the detox to be successful, you need to sleep in a cool room and go to bed until 11  pm.

Much water

Start and end your day with a large glass of water. This will help restore water balance and avoid dehydration. And this is also very good and useful.


A short break for stretching every hour will help reduce fatigue and avoid muscle spasms. Stretching in this form and in the usual – when we stretch all the muscles in the body perfectly helps to relax.


Alcohol is a toxin that is not included in the schedule of the day of cleansing the body. It is better to drink juice or smoothies. In general, it is better not to abuse alcohol.

Herbal tea

All these herbal detox teas are very much loved by nutritionists. Herbal tea cleanses the body, invigorates and suppresses the feeling of hunger.

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