How to Become a Calmer Person

How to Become a Calmer PersonThe mad rhythm of life of a modern person can break the inner balance. Surely, many people have situations when external factors disturb so much that a shiver appears in the chest, inside, like a snowball, irritation is rapidly growing.
The main ways to calm down are generally known – breathing technique, green tea, meditative music, communication with nature, scented candles and a warm bath. But what to do if temporary relaxation does not change the essence of the picture, and irritation becomes a habit and does not disappear for a single day?

The constant presence of restless thoughts disrupts concentration, does not allow to concentrate at the right moment. Insomnia appears, energy is depleted, appetite either disappears or, on the contrary, acquires an unprecedented scale. An emotional reaction to what is happening characterizes you as a person who is not indifferent, however, anxiety about every occasion is a bust.

To prevent the destructive effect of negative emotions is possible. To do this, you need to take a break, try to better understand yourself and adjust your worldview. First of all, you should think about how you position yourself in a team and society as a whole.

Who if not me?

If you are driven crazy by unsolved work or personal issues, and a pile of overdue cases seems to be putting pressure on you, start acting. Solve the questions that you can, and take it as a rule not to wait until the last minute, but deal with problems as they arrive.

In general, it is worth analyzing whether you take on too much? Sometimes it is worth letting go of the situation and letting family members or the work collective take care of some things. Understand that you cannot be responsible for everything. Helping others and caring for loved ones should not be to the detriment of you, your nerves and health, because you will not be enough for everyone.

What do you want?

Every person is seeking something. Achieving the goal and completing a difficult but important task should be satisfying. Why does this not always happen? This is the fault of the stereotypes that surround us. The images, rules, patterns imposed by society are firmly settled in our consciousness. As a result, we begin to dream about what most want. Such a substitution of goals and desires is fraught with disappointment, which comes in a minute when we achieve and implement them.

Listen to yourself and think what you want exactly. Having created your own system of values, you will not experience stress due to the incomplete conformity of your life with the ideals of society and dissatisfaction with the results of your activities. Mandatory presence of a global goal is also imposed by society. If you notice all that is beautiful in this world, you are interested in many aspects of life and are satisfied with almost everything that surrounds you, do not be embarrassed by the fact that you do not have a clear plan for five to ten years to come. After all, such a life – full, happy – is our mission.

Don’t expect too much from people

If you are often annoyed by the words and actions of other people, try to reconsider your attitude towards them. Perhaps the problem lies in your excessive expectations. Change the installation. No one owes you anything, just like you owe nothing to anyone. When you have no idea about the “right” behavior of a person, about what he must do in a given situation, then you are not able to get angry or offended at it. Accept other members of society as they are, or limit your interactions with certain people.

Here and now

In addition, you may experience a lot of stress because of anxiety about events that never happen or that cannot be changed. To get rid of anxiety, try to live in the present. When your thoughts are in the future, you are worried because of the uncertainty in front of him, and when you turn your mind’s eye to the past, you begin to worry about many mistakes that you once made. Living here and now, not reflexing and not thinking, you will feel life as it is.

A very common theory is that in order to become the person you want to be, you need to imagine that you already are and act accordingly. Try to catch the mood of joyful calmness of a balanced person who does not fuss and responds adequately to all those minor troubles that, unfortunately, we face daily.

Work on yourself

Let the state of inner smile become familiar to you. Also, work on your voice. Start talking quieter. According to the results of research conducted by psychologists, voice intonations, the rate of speech and its emotional coloring are capable of influencing the atmosphere around us. So start creating a new, more peaceful life, making changes to your own inner world and spreading them to the external sphere!

Perekroit itself will not immediately. In parallel with the work on your character, develop the creativity that exists in every person. Find an interesting hobby – draw, sew, sing, make, gardening. This will help you to distract from annoying thoughts and become a more calm person. If you find it difficult to choose an occupation, remember what you liked to do in childhood or adolescence. Perhaps it will bring you pleasure now.

Universal remedy for all – fitness. Few have heard of the benefits of moderate physical exertion. However, it is useful to emphasize that sport helps in the fight against stress and irritability. Jogging, swimming, dancing, sports, cardiovascular exercises or training in the gym does not only transform the body. They strengthen the spirit, naturally contributing to the development of an important hormone of happiness – endorphin.

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