Coronary Heart Disease – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

Coronary Heart Disease - Causes, Symptoms, PreventionTo prevent the appearance of coronary heart disease will help change the way of life. New habits will reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

Such meals include regular consumption of fiber, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains. To prevent coronary heart disease, eat foods that are low in fat. Eat small meals 6-7 times a day.

Limit the amount of salt consumed. Fans of salty foods suffer from high blood pressure. In a day, eat no more than one teaspoon of salt – it’s about 7 grams.

Not all fats are harmful to the body. There are two kinds of fats: saturated and unsaturated. Avoid eating foods that contain saturated fat, since they contain harmful cholesterol.

Harmful fatty foods:

  • pies;
  • sausages;
  • butter;
  • cheese;
  • cakes and biscuits;
  • palm oil;
  • coconut oil.

Include in food products with a healthy fat content:

  • avocado;
  • a fish;
  • nuts;
  • olive, sunflower, vegetable and rapeseed oil.

    Get rid of the sugar in the diet, so you reduce the risk of developing diabetes, which is a prerequisite for the occurrence of IHD. Stick to such a diet all the time.

Move more

A healthy diet in combination with regular training is the best way to cleanse the body and rid it of excess weight. At this pace of life, high blood pressure will not bother you.

Constant physical exertion will make the heart and blood circulation work more efficiently, lower the level of cholesterol and keep the pressure at a healthy level – and these are the main recommendations in IHD.

People with sedentary work are particularly at risk. They are twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack than those who regularly exercise.

A strong heart pumps more blood around the body at the lowest cost. Remember that the heart is a muscle that gets the same benefit as other muscles with regular loads.

For the prevention of IHD, dancing, walking, swimming and any aerobic exercise will help.

Quit smoking

Atherosclerosis develops in most cases due to smoking. Smoking causes coronary thrombosis in people under 50 years of age. The harm of smoking is proven and leads to the development of deadly diseases.

Reduce alcohol consumption

The risk of developing coronary heart disease increases due to uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. The load on the heart increases, the regimen gets knocked down, and excess weight appears.

But a glass of wine at the dinner will benefit the body.

Watch for level of pressure

Keep the level of pressure in the norm will help to comply with the regime, proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Be sure to take prescribed medication if there are problems with blood pressure.

Monitor blood sugar levels

A high risk of developing coronary artery disease in people with diabetes or predisposition to it. Give up sugar, replacing your favorite goodies with berries and fruits. The body will benefit and protect itself from disease.

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