How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

The heart is the main muscle, the engine that provides the vital functions of the human body. Therefore, people of any age know why cardiovascular disease prevention is needed.

The main reasons why heart disease occurs are mainly in the lifestyle of contemporaries. Risk factors include:

    • Unbalanced diet;
    • Sedentary lifestyle;
    • Lack of a clear daily regimen;
    • The presence of stressful situations.

Unfortunately, most young and even elderly people do not consider it necessary to monitor their health.

Cardiologist’s recommendations on how to keep your heart healthy

In fact, for the preservation of the organs of the cardiovascular system in working conditions for many years no supernatural actions are required. There is a standard list of recommendations on how to keep your heart healthy.

Easy pace

This is the easiest recipe to promote overall health. You need to move at a regular measured pace, making 3 thousand steps per day. This is the optimal load for the prevention and overcoming of physical inactivity.

Important trace elements

To maintain the heart muscle, three essential trace elements are needed. These include potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which can stabilize the level of heart rhythm, even out blood pressure, cleanse blood vessels of cholesterol, and the body of excess fluid.

Essential Vitamins

The most necessary vitamins for the heart are groups B. Of the food products, the most vitamins of this group are in dark greens, legumes, peas, asparagus beans, fish, grain, and also fresh vegetables and fruits.

Salty Food Refusal

One of the main ways to reduce the load on the heart is to reduce the amount of salt consumed. After all, it accumulates in the cells of the body and collects water in them, which causes high pressure. As a result of this, the load on the work of the heart increases.

Refusal of fatty foods

The main way to lower blood cholesterol is to maximize the rejection of fatty foods. The best meat that does not settle with cholesterol in our vessels is veal and chicken.

Refusal of stimulants

An important way to keep your heart healthy is to give up various stimulants. These are those foods and drinks that cause excitement of the nervous system, as well as the heart. These include coffee and hot spices. It is regrettable, but cocoa, chocolate, and even tea, if it is strong, are considered the same stimulants. About alcohol in large doses is not worth remembering, because this is the first provocateur of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Decrease in blood density

In an adult, the blood becomes too viscous, so it’s hard for the heart to pump it. A simple way to reduce blood density is to consume drinks that contain a high concentration of vitamin C.

Full sleep

To reduce the burden on the heart, it is important to get enough sleep. After all, a full sleep helps to deal with stress. And to fall asleep, you need to relax, which will help to make an unhurried walk in the fresh air. You also need to ventilate the sleeping room, drink milk with honey, and think about something pleasant.

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