How to Set and Plan Weight Loss Goals

How to Set and Plan Weight Loss GoalsMany losing weight people miss one important point – the psychological attitude and preparation.

This is a very important stage, and if you ignore it, it will only lead to stress, bitterness, or, conversely, to apathy, indifference, and tearfulness.

After all, these sharp “No” to your favorite treats – pies, bars, morning buns with sweet coffee, chocolate, etc. will someday cause an emotional explosion. To avoid this, you must configure yourself to lose weight using the following methods.

What is all the torment for? Take a notebook and write down for what, for whom and why you decided to lose weight. It is important to write sincerely to further use this as a motivation.

Start with harmless goals: “I want to be thin to wear short” and go to the most intimate and banal. For example: “They carry thin people in their arms”, “When I lose weight I will be more active in bed,” etc. As a result of the stated goals, you will determine how much you really want to lose weight, or maybe you are so comfortable?

These goals will serve as your incentive when the moment comes (and it will certainly be) that you will want to give up everything and cross out the invested forces.

Desired shape. In addition to the psychological attitude, you need to constantly have a visual stimulus. Take a photo where you are slim and happy with yourself, if you want drastic changes, then find a photo of a slim girl from a glossy magazine and let her remind you every day what you are striving for.

Hang the picture on the refrigerator, mirror or by the bed so that you see and remember every day for the sake of all the victims. If you are uncomfortable with your photos at home, put it in your notebook, desk drawer or upload it to your phone to remember this every time.

Emotions: Do not take weight loss as torment, violence, or punishment. On the contrary, strive for a slender desired figure and a happy life.

A diary. Every day you should keep a diary of what you eat, including even the smallest and seemingly insignificant snacks – a spoonful of porridge, one candy, half a cookie, etc. You should also keep track of your forms – weight, and volume.

Be prepared for the fact that after a while the weight will not change, the main thing is to be patient and remember for what all these victims.

Help psychologist. If there is such an opportunity, then visit a psychologist or training, where participants are configured to lose weight. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, you will more successfully and quickly achieve the desired forms, and demonstrate your extraordinary strong-willed strength and unshakable desire for victory.

Small pleasures. To smooth and better tune in to losing weight, regularly please yourself with pleasant things. For example, going to the spa, a new manicure or a dress that will look perfect on your future slim figure.

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