How to Work Faster and More Efficiently

How to Work Faster and More EfficientlySome of these rules are completely unexpected.

How do we get rid of the monotony

You often get tired not from the amount of work, but from its monotony. Monotonous actions are very exhausting.

Therefore, to less fatigue, it is necessary from time to time to switch to different activities. If the hour has answered the letters, then after switching to phone calls or some other kind of work. This helps to relieve fatigue.

Right Light

Doctors recommend working only in daylight. Then you will feel less tired.

If you can not work in daylight, you need to buy a lamp that will simulate daylight.


To optimize working hours, there is a good technique – to calculate how much time it takes to perform each task.

And after that, try to free up time for those cases on which it is spent several times more than not everything else.

Sleep or walk

The more you sit at work during the day, the slower it becomes. Therefore, allow yourself a 20-30 minute walk.

If you work remotely, then spend that time on rest – read your favorite book or take a nap. After that, the work will go easier and faster.

Communication with colleagues

Excellent helps to switch from work tasks, and then return to them with new strength communication with colleagues.

Going to lunch with them and at the same time discuss working subjects is sometimes extremely useful.

Pets’ corner

Excellent increases work capacity and efficiency, if in the warm season you work somewhere in nature.

If you have such a job that does not allow such luxury, then create nature simply on the desktop – decorate it with indoor plants or some kind of ikebana.

How to get away from work

Distracted from work can and is even necessary. But distraction should also be correct. And it’s best to watch some motivational, educational or funny video.

The main thing is not to go into social networks. They are very tight, and you can spend a lot more time on them.

Do you have a schedule

If you plan in advance for the entire working day the previous evening, you can avoid unnecessary processing.

When you have a plan, it’s easier for you to do the job, you are much more efficient and productive.

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