5 Healthy Habits To Do Every Day

5 Healthy Habits To Do Every DayImage credit: jill111

How to raise immunity, stay in a good mood, tune in to positive? Correctly to concern to the organism and to support it in a tonus it is necessary every day.

To raise your immunity and at the same time, be energetic throughout the day, try to follow the following habits!

Attention to food.

It’s time to increase the intake of foods that contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These extremely useful substances regulate biochemical processes in organs and tissues, supply energy and are powerful antioxidants. Their strength depends on the strength of our immunity, the quality of memory, the elasticity and youth of the skin. Eat more oily sea fish (salmon and herring), walnuts, olive and linseed oil and avocado fruits.

Positive thoughts and emotions.

Neuropsychologists have scientifically established that the cause of all events in our life, including diseases, is the stereotypes of thinking. And our thoughts start with the emotions that cause the body’s physical and mental response. Analyze what emotions you feel most often, and watch your feelings. If you are often annoyed, experiencing fear, anger, vexation, or experiencing resentment and anger, what response will the universe receive? Try to find the cause of unpleasant situations in order to change your attitude towards them and emotional reaction.

Drink more water.

Water is an inexpensive and effective way to solve the problem of excessive appetite, fatigue, fatigue and chronic constipation. Fill the bottle with drinking water in the morning and drink it in small sips throughout the day. Daily rate – 2.5 liters of water. On days of training or increased sweating, the amount of fluid should be increased.

Do yoga.

Do yoga

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Yoga helps regulate weight by normalizing the level of cortisol – a hormone that, under the influence of stress, causes a brutal appetite. If your weight is below normal, then it will increase, if higher – it will decrease. And it’s not the degree of physical exertion, but the fact that practice changes both the soul and the body. Besides, performing asanas, you literally do massage of internal organs. Especially useful twisting: during these exercises, the abdominal organs stretch and contract. The result is normal digestion and uninterrupted kidney and liver function.

Move more.

Many hours sitting at the computer and a sedentary lifestyle lead to high fatigue, fatigue, negatively affect not only the muscles, but also the bones. In the work of internal organs and systems there are various deviations that contribute to the development of chronic diseases, obesity and premature aging. Working in the office, every 40 minutes, do a warm-up (squats, turns, circular movements of the head). Find time to visit the gym. Even ordinary walking will save you from extra pounds, restore health and restore beauty. It does not require additional financial costs and time. On the way to work or returning home, walk a few stops at an intense pace.

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