Zumba vs Aerobics – Which One is Best for You?

Zumba vs Aerobics – Which One is Best for You?Aerobics or Zumba? What should you choose to get rid of unnecessary pounds faster and more effectively and at the same time improve your fitness? What is the difference between aerobic and Zumba? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these training’s? Check what is better for slimming – aerobics or Zumba?

Aerobics or Zumba? What should you choose to lose weight faster and more effectively? Both aerobics and Zumba are classified as aerobic training (cardio), based on intensive oxygen exchange, whose aim is to improve metabolism, and thus – burn fat (this process takes place under aerobic conditions).

In addition, aerobic and Zumba improve the body’s fitness, including strengthen the heart, so reduce the risk of many diseases, including hypertension. And thanks to the endorphins secreted during their performance, they also improve well-being and reduce the level of stress.

Aerobics or Zumba – how do they differ?
Aerobic is a wider concept than Zumba, because it contains not only rhythmic movement exercises (e.g. fat burning, aeroboxing and just Zumba), but also typical strength exercises (e.g. body sculpting / body shape), focused on muscle strengthening, and those that aim to stretch and relax all body muscles (e.g. stretching, yoga, Pilates).

Zumba is a dance aerobic workout, combining aerobics with Latin dances, and sometimes with strength exercises. Zumba steps and systems are not very complicated and easy to remember, and there are no mirrors in the exercise rooms, so as not to be stressed by dance busts. Zumba classes are a form of aerobic training, that is the most effective burning calories and strengthening the heart, and interval training – because they are held at a variable rate.

Aerobics or Zumba – for whom?
Some of these exercises are designed for more advanced trainers, and some for beginners who do not have to brag about good condition. Therefore, aerobics can be recommended to almost anyone. Even people with health problems, for example those who have a back problem, will also find something for themselves, because aerobics is often combined with corrective gymnastics (e.g. aqua aerobics). Some aerobic exercises can also be performed by pregnant women, children and seniors.

To start training Zumba just a positive attitude and some persistence. The advantage of Zumba is that during the training the whole body works, therefore the skill to be mastered at the beginning is the coordination of hand, leg and hip movements.

Aerobics or Zumba - for whom?

What are the disadvantages of aerobics? Most of the trainings consist in repeating a series of exercises repeatedly, often in one, uncomfortable position, which is tiring and monotonous. In addition, some exercises are quite difficult. Therefore, it is easy to get discouraged and stop exercising without reaching the intended goal.

And the disadvantages of Zumba? There is no, if you choose the type of Zumba suitable for your physical fitness. Before you sign up for classes, check if this zumba is for you. You have a choice:

  • Zumba for less advanced: Zumba basic
  • aqua zumba, or zumba in the water (the safest kind of classes)
  • zumba gold for people with joint problems, spine problems, people with obesity or older people who have not practiced much
  • Zumba toning for advanced people
  • strong by Zumba for advanced, training more focused on developing strength and fitness.

Aerobics or Zumba – advantages

Zumba is a form of aerobics that combines Latin dance steps with elements typical of fitness classes. It is this combination that distinguishes Zumba among other forms of aerobics. During the Zumba exercises include to the music of salsa, flamenco, samba, tango, cha-cha or hip-hop, as well as to the rhythm of exotic Indian, African and Bollywood music.

Thanks to this, many people forget about the fact that they exercise and just enjoy themselves, and at the same time burn a lot of calories. There are no mirrors, so no one is stressed when it comes to exercise. In addition, there is no place for monotonous and tiring repetitions of exercises in Zumba.

The participants of the classes are still in motion and they train as best they can, without worrying about the fact that they make a step inexact or imperfect.

In Zumba, fun plays a very important role, because in such an atmosphere greater loads are easier to bear, and hence – it fades much faster.

Aerobics, in turn, strengthens all muscle groups because it involves the whole body to work. After only 2 weeks of regular training you will notice the first visible effects of exercises, including slimming of thighs, shoulders, reduction of cellulite, firming of the buttocks, reduction of the abdominal circumference.

It’s good exercise for burning calories. Only 30 minutes of low impact aerobics (low intensity) allows you to burn about 200 k cal. The same high-impact aerobic workout (high intensity) will burn about 250 k cal.

Aerobics also has many health benefits – it improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart, oxygenates the body and thus helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it increases endurance and improves motor coordination.

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